Saturday 10 February 2018

Torso Lipo and fat grafting to breast

Since young I've been made fun of by people about my flat chest. I've always wanted to do something about it. I came across a blog by one of Dr Arthur Tjandra's patient and saw wonderful results.

Link to Dr Arthur Tjandra clinic's website where you can find more information:

Link to a list of blogs by Dr Arthur Tjandra's patients, where you can see results of Dr Arthur's amazing works:

I then started to research more about Dr Arthur Tjandra and read up on lots of his patient's blogs, videos and his website. From all the resources I read up on Dr Arthur's surgery, his results seems very promising and honest, unlike other Doctor's, there were almost no evidence of their results at all, which doesn't seem very convincing.

Proceeded to contact Jenifer (Dr Arthur's assistant) via email to book a surgery date.
Sent some photos of my areas of concern over to Jenifer for Dr Arthur to access, after a series of back and forth email exchange, we decided on Liposuction of the entire Torso and Fat transfer to the breasts.

Fixed a surgery date with Jenifer and I went to book a plane ticket to Medan. Once I arrived at Medan, Dr Arthur's driver is already at the gate waiting to pick me up.

It is quite a long journey to Dr Arthur's place, fell asleep in the car. After I arrived, nurses welcomed me in, provided drinks for me.

The nurse then gave me pack of medicines that I would need to take after surgery. Explaining to me patiently what, when and how to take each medicine. The nurse checked to ensure that I got my abdominal binder, however as I am doing a 3D abdominal liposuction, one binder is not enough, so I purchased another one at his clinic.

Was given my room key and up I go to my room. Was told to change into the gown provided, you will be wearing the gown provided for your stay there hence you do not need to worry about bringing clothes there to change.

On the day of surgery, had another round of consultation with Dr Arthur again, he will explain to you the process of liposuction and fat transfer, the risks and complications you may experience etc, keeping you well informed, before proceeding with the surgery.

Dr Arthur does syringe liposuction, which involves a lot of energy, strength and stamina. Unlike liposuction done by other Doctors using machines. Dr Arthur is one of the rare few Doctors who still practices syringe liposuction!

Syringe liposuction is less invasive as it only involves a long needle, only a small incision needs to be made.

Procedure I did (3 Dimensional abdominal liposuction)
- upper and lower abdomen
- flanks
- lower back
- love handles
- waist

These are the photos before the surgery: 

Front View

Back view of my squarish hips

Never thought my whole hip area looks so squarish because of the love handles and fats around my waist until I looked at the videos taken after. 

My pathetic flat chest


Before surgery, my whole body was disinfected using iodine if I'm not wrong. Dr Arthur would inject anesthesia into your blood stream, and soon you would feel numb. For my case I can only remember bits and pieces of the whole procedure, I remember feeling pain once in awhile (eg. while fats was injected into my breasts) and waking up once in awhile to look at the difference for the fat transfer to my breasts. I also remember seeing Dr Arthur doing the hand motion of the liposuction. 

After surgery:

Front view

Slimmer waist 

No more love handles! Nicer shape, no longer squarish.

After the procedure, my whole torso feels painful. It is hard to get in and out of bed, to sit and stand, it's because you are using your abdominal muscles, however it gets better as each day passes. :) 

Every morning the nurses will help you massage your lipo-ed area, to aid in recovery. They will also help you change your wound dressings, and also teach you so you know how to change after you leave Medan and go back home. 

Immediately after surgery:

Here are the before and after photos! 

Less flabby abdomen!

Slightlyyyy bigger breasts. Should have used the breast pumps :(

Omg I'm amazed! Look at the shape!!

Can see very clearly here, the thick love handles are gone!!

Thank you Dr Arthur! ^_^

One week later. 

Wounds pretty much healed. Tiny marker mark sized scars.
Dr Arthur also provided bleaching cream to apply after the wounds have healed to help lighten the scars. 

Bruising lightened significantly. 

Glad to have killed two birds with one stone -- nicer mid body + a little fattier breasts though I feel the change is not very significant. I guess if I used the breast pump as recommended before the surgery, might be able to inject more fats into my breasts. 

All videos from accessing of the body, to marking of the body, to post surgery can be found in this link below:

I will continue to provide updates on the progress of my body post op on this blog!

Thank you Dr Arthur Tjandra for sculpting me so beautifully and all the care I received while I was in Medan! 😊😊😊